5 reasons why you should stay in a holiday home instead of a hotel

March, 31 2016 ( Updated August, 30 2021)

Most of us have our own set of apprehensions when it comes to trying something new. For example, whether we should go for a vacation rental instead of a hotel on our next vacation. The trend of vacation rentals is fast catching on and is here to stay. Have you ever tried staying in one? A holiday home is as good as they tell you and indeed offers a better and viable alternative to hotel rooms. Let us tell you why:

Vacation rentals allow you to make the most of your vacation. 

Holiday rentals are not simply the place where you can crash after coming back from your outings in the destination. On the contrary, holiday homes add to your experience so that you do not only enjoy a comfortable stay but also live like a local in the holiday home or apartment.

More privacy and more space.

Homestays always offer more space and more privacy than your hotel room. It allows more flexibility and creates a more vacation-like environment; gives you your own space to relax in a home-like atmosphere and cook in your own kitchen if you feel like. After all, you don’t have to compromise on your dietary habits and preferences just because you are on a vacation!

It’s cheaper than your hotel room

To cater to the increasing demand for holiday homes, many destinations have vacation rentals that suit all kinds of budget.  But there are other things that one should consider too, such as a homestay is always a better choice when you are travelling in a larger group. It is cheaper and more fun than booking a number of rooms in a good hotel especially when keeping in account the facilities and the experience one enjoys in a holiday home.

More facilities, activities and concierge services.

Every time you start planning your vacation you find yourself worrying about your pets and kids. But holiday rentals are different. Most of them are kids and pet-friendly. Holiday homes are well furnished and have a host of other advantages and facilities like TV, fridge, wifi and many more such things. These facilities come with your booking of the property and are mostly not charged additionally. In fact, most of the times these holiday homes also have pools, gardens, parks, and tennis courts and necessary arrangements for other activities for you to enjoy a truly memorable vacation. Holiday rentals are not simply about living like a local but also among the locals. The concierge, who knows the area like no other, can always supply you with the most suitable and useful information and services at the destination.

Fulfill your dream of living in a villa

You might not own a villa, but you can discover what it feels like to live for a couple of days or weeks in a villa or a fancy location when you book your next holiday home there.

Travelling is always associated with discovering new things, new ways of life, exploring yourself as you explore the world. And what could be a better way of travelling when even your accommodation allows you to go beyond the usual!

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