Our Second Digital Nomad Friendly Stop: Croatia

October, 27 2021 ( Updated October, 27 2021)


Coworking cafes with free internet, good Wi-Fi speed all over the country, lower cost of living than the rest of the EU and a considerable English speaking population simply make Croatia an international and digital nomad friendly destination. 

Moreover, the country’s mild continental climate, soothing Mediterranean coasts and rich gastronomy further attract seekers of cosy weather and global culture to this breathtaking Eastern European destination.

Dubrovnik, the fortress city in Southern Croatia

Croatia’s plan to welcome digital nomads from all over the world through its 2021 visa policy is also a solid sign ensuring prospective digital nomads that Croatia is well-equipped for this modern-day lifestyle. Put in effect from this January, the visa policy allows DNs from outside the EU to stay in the country for a whole year without paying income tax for that year, along with experiencing the flexibility of being a DN and discovering this traveller’s gem of a country. 

But, if all of these perks have not convinced you, then explore our handpicked list of these charming Croatian cities and islands to decide your next digital nomad home!


The relaxed pace of the Croatian lifestyle finds its perfect example in Zadar. This unique and modern destination is soon to be one of the trendiest homes to digital nomads. Many efforts for building a strong digital nomad community in the historic city of Zadar are also underway. 

Digital nomads looking for distinct Byzantine architecture, typical Croatian brandies and convenient proximity to the natural treasures of Croatia as well as a safe traveller’s space will also find Zadar their perfect destination. 

Tip: Want to know what else Zadar has to offer? Have a look at our blog about this coastal city!


If you enjoy wider walking spaces, a super affordable lifestyle and a less touristy yet highly popular destination, then Dubrovnik is the place to be. This city, which was one of the main shooting sites’ for the wildly popular series Game of Thrones, is an excellent starting point to explore Montenegro, Mostar, Kravica Waterfall in the Bosnia-Herzegovina region and even the captivating Elaphite islands.
Dubrovnik was the so-called King’s Landing in the popular series Game of Thrones


Receiving maximum hours of sunshine throughout the year is the sunny island of Hvar. This historic island is close to one of the main cities of Croatia, Split, and is also a paradise for those in search of sandy beaches, lively nightlife, diving into water sports at sunset, a budding temporary social community and the surrounding islands of Brac and Pakleni.


Synonymous with the unique Diocletian palace, Split is a base you have been looking for to explore Croatia effortlessly. If you ask us, the Blue Cave, breathtaking sceneries of Krka National Park, Plitvice Lake Park and Hvar, combined with a very decent quality of life are reasons enough to choose this Croatian city as your next experimental DN stop.

Breathtaking Skradinski Buk waterfalls at Krka National Park


The Istrian coast is dotted with little historical pearls of Croatia and purely natural islands like the Brijuni national park and Krk island. Add the deep-blue waters of the Adriatic and you can take advantage of unwinding in unforgettable locations as well as satisfying your inner adrenaline junkie with adventure sports like windsurfing in Pomer!

Another reason to station yourself in Rijeka is its closeness to medieval and Roman towns. With Pula and Hum a short car ride away, and the presence of more than 30 artists working and living in Labin, the digital nomad lifestyle here would also let your artistic side grow.

Quick Tip: This November, start your digital nomad life in Rijeka if you love the arts as the city has a great line-up of concerts, exhibitions and theatre festivals in 2021!

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