Slovenia: Enchanting Castles For Every Season

November, 24 2021 ( Updated December, 02 2021)


    Some perched on a cliff, some on a city hill and some in the lap of caves, castles of Slovenia not only have a rich history but also have equally diverse and intriguing geographical locations.

Statistically, no less than 500 magnificent castles of different eras and schools of art like Renaissance, Baroque, Hapsburgian dot the naturally captivating landscape of this conveniently hidden Eastern European holiday destination. Amongst these many castles have been converted into museums and cafes and many still stand tall to invite tourists from all over the world into their enchanting atmosphere.

Picturesque aerial views of Ljubljana Castle and the city

However, the mysterious air of the ancient ages and the breathtaking beauty of their majestic architecture surrounds the Slovenian castles in all seasons. Be it autumn when colourful foliage evokes a beauty surpassed only by animated movies, or be it winter, when the white blanket of snow transports you into a gorgeous fairytale, in Slovenia, there is indeed a castle for every season.

So, let’s together take a look at some of the must-visit castles in Slovenia!

In the centre of Slovenia, sitting atop the capital city is Ljubljana Castle.

Take the funicular or power your steps up the city hill to soak up memorable views that Ljubljana Castle has been offering for over 900 years. This castle, which now houses a museum, cafe and outdoor terraces to sip on delicious wines, is also a hub of varied experiences. There are puppet shows, the castle's iconic rooms, walking trails, stunning restaurants offering mouth-watering food and even an escape room!

Tip: If you love fun activities like escape rooms in the romantic atmosphere of the middle ages, then you can also visit the historic Bellinzona Castles

Meanwhile, when in Ljubljana you are also free to wander the grounds of the castle and come Friday evenings, enjoy music concerts in its suggestive location. An admission fee is charged only if you want to dig deeper in history and visit the tower, exhibits and chapel.

In north-western Slovenia, nestled on Bled Island is the magical Bled Castle.

The castle's cliff-hanging location on the beautiful Bled Lake is reason enough to make a visit here. However, the fact that this is the oldest Slovenian castle with a captivating view over the city and has the most famous Slovenian symbols, Church of St. Mary on Bled Island will surely pull you towards it.

A winter to remember at Bled Island with St. Mary’s Church 

If you want to dip your feet in authentic cultural experiences, then shake a leg at the Bled Castle’s Winter Dance also called the Dance with the Lord and the Lady of the Castle!
The dance usually takes place near Christmas and the New Year’s, on 24, 26 and 31 December as well as 1st of January.

In southern Slovenia, sitting gently in a cave is Predjama Castle.

Perhaps the only one of its kind, Predjama castle in Southern Slovenia is a must visit for its sheer peculiarity. This 800-year-old beauty built into a natural cave system is the “fairytale castle embraced by a rock”, where the romantic and rebellious legend of Erazem was born!

In the lap of rocks, Predjama Castle in lush summers

At Predjama, you can take a realistic tour of the castle and also enjoy performances by professional actors dating back to the medieval ages about how Slovenian life was!
In Eastern Slovenia, amidst the stunning contrasts of pure white and deep hues, the Castles of Kozjansko.

The castles built in this part of Slovenia were constructed with the aim of securing the borders along the Solta river. Thus many mighty castles like Kunsperk and Kozje and others like Pišece, Podsreda and Bizeljsko are sprinkled all over Kozjansko Park. 

Feel the human presence in nature at Podsreda Castle

For instance, at Pišece you will be taken in by the stunning solitary location of the castle, with it’s shingled roof and snow-white exteriors overlooking the landscape from in between dense forests! Meanwhile, at Podsreda castle, the “most castle-like castle of Slovenia” and preserved carefully till date, you will find that today it is home to many cultural, social, educational and tourist activities.

These, however, are only some of the stunning castles of Slovenia and there are many, many more waiting to be discovered and experienced in their full grandeur. 

So, which one will you visit next? Book a holiday home in Slovenia for your next vacation and transport yourself to different worlds all at once!


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