Visit Knokke-Heist For An Artsy Christmas!

December, 08 2021 ( Updated December, 09 2021)


Sculpted into a charming holiday destination by its beaches, high-end stores, lively art scene and a history of attracting the most elite tourists from all over Europe, Knokke-Heist is that one seaside resort that goes by many names. So, call it the Saint Tropez of Belgium or the Hamptons of Flanders, a visit to this artsy town around Christmas is bound to be an amazing experience. 

Art lovers should also rejoice because with its combination of beautiful seaside, the sun, internationally-known art festivals and over 80+ art galleries, Knokke-Heist is definitely one of your unmissable stops this Christmas.

Enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights and markets in Flanders

So, read on and find out what Knokke-Heist has in store this winter holiday season!

Just half an hour’s drive from Bruges, one of the main reasons to visit Knokke-Heist around the jolly Christmas time this holiday season is its one-of-its-kind LightART festival. Attracting tons of visitors to Belgium everytime, this year, the exhibit will be dotted onto a 2.5 km-long path, winding through the famous streets and shopping alleys of Knokke-Heist!

Stunning LightArt Exhibit in Amsterdam, 2015

Using a phone app you can stroll through the many interesting, interactive and sensational LightART exhibits that have also featured in tourist hotspots like Amsterdam!

One of the exhibits that will be also displayed in Knokke-Heist this year is Absorbed by light, a depiction of three figures sitting on a bench with typically hunched over poses and faces illuminated solely by the light of their smartphones. Another is Lumenus, a 40-metre long, luminescent tube structure that appears to freely float in the air.  
Then there is the stunning Let the Talking Heads installation made out of 4000-led lights with 2 huge, motion-sensitive heads that talk to each other through means of light! 

Thus, with their heavenly combination of light, music and art, these sparkling installations will definitely light your Christmas evening and shopping with loved ones.

When and Where: Knokke, Dec 4th-Jan 9th

(Please note that the exhibit Musica Universalis will be installed on the 20th of December)

So much walking around and discovering is bound to leave you hungry, so indulge in some typical Belgian Christmas feasts and desserts when here.

For the main course, on Christmas Eve or Kerstavond in Flemish, a typical meal in Belgium consists of aperitifs, a starter usually seafood and a main course, usually stuffed turkey. For your sweet tooth, a traditional chocolate Christmas log called Kerststronk is enjoyed. The dessert’s outer texture is glazed with chocolate buttercream and resembles a tree bark, while inside, it is prepared with layers of cream and sponge cake rolled into the shape of a log. Dig in, anytime!

Kerstsronk or Christmas Log, a traditional Belgian Christmas dessert 

Christmas Bonusssss
If you have got a couple of days on your hand, then make a visit to the UNESCO protected belfry and townhall of the Flemish town of Eeklo, known for its vast fields and open areas, a true rarity in urban areas! Placed at a convenient 30-minute drive from Knokke, Christmas celebrations here include craft shows, parades, choirs and brunches, to name just a few of the happening events in Eeklo.

Also worth a visit are the Christmas markets in Grote Markt , Bruges! Here, apart from enjoying this enchanting city, you can drink gin and hot wine at the Glühwein stands, shop for last-minute Christmas gifts and also indulge in some sinfully delicious desserts like Smoutebollen/oliebollen (deep fried sweet dumplings). Another staple of the season is skating in the ice rinks, so take the hand of your loved one and skate falling down or with beautiful poses in the magical setting of Bruges.
Christmas lights in Grote Markt in Bruges

So much to enjoy and so little time left! 

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