Celebrate A Heart-Warming Christmas In Chamonix-Mont Blanc

December, 15 2021 ( Updated December, 15 2021)


As snow descends on the magnificent slopes of the French Alps, so do many families and skiers from all over the world. With tons of festivities, traditional events and the skiing season in full-throttle, the valley celebrates the biggest festival of the year with thousands of fairy lights and a heartwarming holiday mood, making the Christmassy charm of the valley unmissable.

So, let us see what’s happening in Chamonix-Mont Blanc this winter holiday season!

St. Michel’s Church, Chamonix

Journey through time with Sound and Light Shows

Dive into the intriguing history of the French Alps at the sound and light show in Chamonix. Covering the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region or La Région des Lumières, this immersive show will take you on a journey through time and space with its fascinating lightwork on the historic facades of St. Michel's Church and Maison de la Montagne.

Where: Place de l'église
When: Dec 7th - Jan 2nd
          All evenings, 19:00 -20:00

Carol Singing with local groups

Several carol singing sessions go on around Chamonix during the holiday season, with some happening in cosy little chapels with all-women choirs (Les Chambelles) and some with typical English tunes and jazzy Christmas concerts (Christmas Blueroom concert). Join in to celebrate the holiday with some tradition, mulled wine and the French reserve of Christmas carols and singing sessions! 

What and Where: Les Chambelles, Chamonix Église Réformée
When: Dec 18th 

What and Where: Christmas Blueroom Concert, Église Saint-Pierre d'Argentière
When: Dec 19th 
Sing along the local choir groups and bring in the joy of the season!

Enjoy famous après-ski sessions 

As long as we are indulging in tradition, let us tell you about the most typical one of the valley: the après-ski parties. Especially vibrant during Christmas, the après-ski sessions are a must for their carefree vibe and late hours of celebration. So, if you love to soak up delightful music, happy hours and delicious meals after skiing or want to taste the streets of Chamonix lined with bars and restaurants, then these sessions are perfect for you!

Where: Chamonix Sud and Rue Du Moulin
When: Everyday in the late afternoons

Walk down the streets with traditional parades and meet Papa Noël
Did you know? In France, Papa Noël brings Christmas gifts either on Christmas Eve or after the evening mass and likes a glass of wine better than cookies and milk, meanwhile children leave out slippers to be filled with presents instead of socks!

Cheer to Christmas with Papa Noël

Be ready to meet and greet Santa Claus in the festive Parade de Noël. Part of the famous and most heartwarming traditions of Chamonix, these parades called Les Déambul’ de Noël, last over a period of ten days and take you through the charming streets of Chamonix. 
Every day these parades will wrap their audiences in delightful themes ranging from circus to fairies with magical powers, jazz carols, human-size puppets and more! 

Where: All parades will depart from the city centre
When: 20-31st December except for 23rd, 26th and 28th 

(Please note that the Parade de Noël will depart at 18:00, with a light-balance show at 18:45 and the arrival of Santa at 19:00. Also, don’t forget to treat your little ones to hot cider on 22-23rd Dec. from 16:30 pm to 19:30!)

Christmas Markets

Did you think we forgot about the most important event of the holiday season? No, we did not! This year, Christmas markets in the valley will once again welcome you in their warm ambience with typical wooden stalls selling Christmas goodies and tons of ideas for last-minute gifts to bring your loved ones!

Where: Les Houches (Pass Sanitaire needed)
When: Dec 19th 

Visit Christmas markets and enjoy skiing in the family-friendly Les Houches

GREAT NEWS: This season enjoy free skiing lessons in the valley from January to March. For more information visit the official site of Chamonix or our website link below!

So, are you ready to celebrate Christmas a la French and enjoy memorable skiing trips? Have a look at our wide selection of holiday homes in Chamonix-Mont Blanc!


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