Fascinating European Traditions To Try This New Year!

December, 29 2021 ( Updated December, 29 2021)

Fun for kids

Unique new year’s traditions from Europe that will be fun additions to your celebrations and also double as great party games on your next getaway anywhere!

So read on and try something different this new year!

Cheers to new beginnings

Gobble them Grapes: Spain

The Spanish celebrate the start of the year with Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte or the 12 grapes of luck. According to this tradition, on New Year’s Eve or nochevieja, when the clock strikes 12, you munch on a grape with every toll of the bell to bring in good luck for the rest of the year. But this is not it – to actually seal in the luck, you have to finish eating all the grapes before the final toll!
The twelve grapes of luck

Now there is a fun party game for everyone to enjoy. You can also celebrate this tradition with other food items to increase the challenge. Try it by giving a traditional French twist with a stack of pancakes or a Netherlandish turn by gobbling on anything ring-shaped!

Play Tombola: Italy
Will Tombola tell your fortune for the year?

A popular new year’s tradition in Italy is to play Tombola, with a chance to win exciting prizes and sometimes even cash money.  In this game, tickets with random numbers from 1-90 are given out to everyone in the party. A host then extracts numbers, again randomly, which the players have to cross out one by one. Whoever cuts out all the numbers on their tickets first, wins the prize–certainly an extra motivation to try this tradition.

Smash and pop pomegranates: Greece

Greece, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth perhaps has the most fascinating new year’s tradition, wherein the Greeks start the year by smashing pomegranates on the ground. So, the more seeds jump out of the fruit, the more luck it is supposed to bring you! But we don’t want you to waste precious food in a game, so maybe you can find some innovative idea to try this tradition, perhaps use a piñata full of little coloured balls?
More seeds mean more luck!

New Year Messages: Belgium

In Belgium, children continue their letter writing from the Christmas season, only this time it is to the other family members rather than Santa Claus. Children write these letters to wish the elders the season's greetings and also tell them that they will be good in the new year.
But can this be a fun party game? Totally! To turn this solemn tradition into an exciting game, everybody can write messages anonymously for the people present in the party and, at the end, everyone has to guess from whom the message is! Who knows you might find your secret admirer?

We wish you luck for the new year and also for these games!

But don’t worry if your luck doesn’t work too well in the games, you can still be excited about your travel plans and book your holiday homes with us!

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