Our Fourth Digital-Nomad Stop: Crete, Greece

January, 12 2022 ( Updated January, 12 2022)


Cradle of one of the oldest civilisations in the world, Greece still holds a strong attraction over travellers and captivates them with its ancient history, blue flag beaches, thrilling sports, immense gorges and a welcoming cosmopolitan lifestyle. Moreover, just like many other countries in the recent past, Greece has also nicely warmed up to the idea of inviting digital nomads from all over the world and implemented several new policies to ease them into making this diverse country their home on the road. 

So let’s find out why Greece, especially Crete, is your next perfect nomadic stop!

Experience the perfect work-life-leisure balance in Crete

In September 2021, Greece passed the digital nomad visa law with a 50% tax break for 7 years for non-EU citizens working remotely from their country with non-Greek companies. The country also put in place a fast-track digital nomad visa process and made it especially generous to those coming with families. They initiated several policies like the in-progress licensing of digital wallets and exciting programs like “Work from Crete” that aim to build a solid digital-nomad community on the largest island of Greece! 

Thus, with such active efforts and a comfy pace of life, Greece is well on its way to being an ideal digital nomad destination. As if that was not motivation enough, here we have a sneak peek of the fantastic nomadic life on Crete!

Lose yourself in the vibrant colours of Chania

In Crete, the perfect life-work balance fantasy indeed comes true. With the Aegean and Mediterranean sea softly leaving their traces on pristine shores and a strong coffee culture that keeps the cafes with Wi-Fi open till late hours, you will achieve what digital nomad life is supposed to while taking care of your well-being. 

Since the internet is one of the essentials of the digital nomad life, Crete’s digital nomad program seeks to provide high speed 5G internet all over the island and also cultivate and create an international network of working professionals through multi-functional co-working spaces on the island.

Moreover, the island is not only hospitable to an exciting digital nomad life but will definitely leave you spoilt for choice every day with tons of leisure and sports activities as well as wide and varied experiences close at hand. 

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In remote villages, you can live the authentic Greek life with your free hours spent on the beach or in cosy tavernas where simple gestures like the barista recognising your order will warm your heart and stay on Crete! Meanwhile, in popular cities like Rethymnon and Chania, you will experience a vibrant change with their romantic harbours, clear beaches, shopping streets and cold coffees on the go!

Work and relax on the beach

If being cut off from the world and living and working from paradise is your ideal life, then Crete is that one destination with truly unique gastronomy that will leave you relishing distinct delicacies every time. At the same time, the island has affordable public transportation to easily move around, multiple connections to the main port of Greece, Port of Piraeus and an efficient ferry system to soak up the Grecian sun on Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos!

So are you ready to pack your bags and have your skin deliciously tanned under the glorious Greek sun? Have a look at our wide range of rental homes in Crete!


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