Our Fifth Digital Nomad Friendly Stop: Slovenia

January, 26 2022 ( Updated February, 09 2022)


Hidden within unspoilt nature and culture, the vast range of unique experiences in Slovenia surprise even the most seasoned traveller. From magical alpine lakes with castles and modern landscaped parks to winter destinations and a wonderful, 46-kilometres-long sea coast, Slovenia really has it all.

The famous Triple Bridge over Ljubljanica

As an upcoming tourist hub and the First Green Tourist Destination in the World, this country has also made it to the list of the most favourite international destinations among the digital-nomads. Slovenia has fast Wi-Fi in major cities, a vibrant coffee culture and its small size, complemented by dependable public transportation, means that nomadic travellers can enjoy effortless connectivity to the four main regions of the country. 

So, let’s together travel to these areas and see what wonders they have in store for the digital-nomads!

Karst and Coast

With ancient towns like Piran and Ankaran lining the beautiful coast, a wealth of water sports in crystal waters and enchanting sunsets over the Adriatic, the Karst and Coast area is best explored in summer. However, this region is not only home to a delicate Mediterranean atmosphere that is perfect to enjoy the sea and wild flora, but it is also home to one of the oldest and largest stud farms in Europe!

Lipica Stud Farm dates back to the 1580s and till date breeds pure-bred white horses called Lippizaners. On its sweeping estate, horse riding, feeding the stallions and enjoying tours on lush pastures are only some of the lovely activities that one can indulge in here.
A galloping Lippizaner, pure-bred white horses from Slovenia

Central Slovenia

Undoubtedly, the heart of Slovenia is also the heart of architectural heritage, enchanting castles, UNESCO protected caves like Postojna and host of art preserved in its rich museums.
The beautiful capital city, Ljubljana, is a modern yet romantic collage of Plečnik’s artistic sensibility, the meandering Ljubljanica and a magnificent castle overlooking this vibrant city. Ljubljana’s central location and proximity to some of the most fascinating tourist spots, especially the magical Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge, makes it the perfect starting point for your nomadic life in Slovenia.

Thermal Pannonian Region

Working remotely for a digital nomad has to be accompanied by equal amounts of relaxation and exploration. What better way to do that than the natural springs of the Thermal Pannonian Region, whose healing waters rejuvenate you inside-out. So, forget artificial spas, this region, with its very own natural spa and soothing hills, will ease even the most wound up muscles!

Alpine Slovenia

In winters, in the heart of the Julian Alps, villages like Kranjska Gora bordering Italy and Austria offer all possible ways to relax and have fun in breathtaking snow. Meanwhile, the solitude of the Soča Valley presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy adrenaline sports like canyoning, white water rafting and more. But that is not all. The valley has a lot more to offer than just amazing sports. 
You can lose yourself in the stories that have gathered around Soča, and one of which has been preserved in the form of shocking WWI heritage!
The breathtaking view on the Julian Alps

Certainly, while deciding to make Slovenia your home, a big bonus is its comparatively affordable lifestyle than its neighbours and other Eastern European countries. Moreover, a rising expat community, of which Ljubljana’s numerous co-working spaces are a good example, have access to some very desirable features like free coffee and internet, gaming rooms, and sometimes even a pool in these modern and digital-nomad friendly spaces!

So, are you ready to feel the love in SLOVEnia? Have a look at our fantastic range of holiday homes in this natural paradise!


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