Livigno: More Than Just Skiing

February, 16 2022 ( Updated May, 04 2022)


With world-class pistes and skiing infrastructure, Livigno enjoys a great reputation among ski-lovers. But for those who don’t know, this alpine town offers a lot more than just skiing. Especially for travellers who are always on the lookout for enjoying the mountains in unique ways, this beautiful town fulfils their expectations and goes even beyond!

So, read on and find out all the amazing experiences and activities that make Livigno a must-visit destination in winters!

Fall in love with winter at Livigno

Explore the unexplored

Done with or without the help of an Alpine guide, snowshoeing is a famous winter activity that’s perfect for exploring Livigno’s untouched corners and blissful beauty. Visitors here can tread the numerous well-kept and monitored paths, in and around Livigno, and easily spend a whole day out enjoying this well-known sport!

Another newly popular winter activity is fat biking, which involves cycling over snow with a bike with fat tires! Livigno’s facilitated bike rental services and E-fat bikes for carefree exploration make this activity one of the most effortless experiences that visitors can enjoy without investing in any kind of winter-sport gear.

Snowshoe with memorable views

Earn that downhill descent 

Livigno’s several marked paths under different-colour categories make it a safe haven for enjoying a number of winter activities and sports. However, one activity that deserves special mention is ski-mountaineering or skimo. 

While skiing downhill is a great experience in itself, ski-mountaineering or skimo, makes the whole sport a lot more rewarding. Skimo involves ascending the mountain either wearing skis or carrying them along and can be enjoyed on the dedicated orange and blue paths for it. 

Although an exercise in strength, skimo is totally worth the effort for the breathtaking snapshots and the ultimate sense of satisfaction it offers! But here is a tip, if you want to enjoy skiing in the traditional way, then don’t forget to check out our tell-all guide for skiing in Livigno!

A different winter sport to try

Livigno’s rich variety of sporting opportunities leaves every visitor spoilt for choice. Equipped with full safety gear, boots and ice-axes, ice climbing is safe for even the young adults and involves climbing the wall of an ice tower! So, are you ready to live out your own fairy-tale, and maybe save your Rapunzel at the end? 

At your own wintry leisure

Having fun in the mountains can be a whole lot of intense workouts. So, why not enjoy some other, more laid-back activities instead? At Livigno, apart from enjoying romantic horse-drawn sleighs with loved ones, visitors can take a trip on a sleddog or a snowmobile and get totally swept up in its scenic calm and adventure!
Which one would you prefer: a sled dog or a snowmobile trip?

With kids and family

Livigno is a particularly hospitable destination for families with children. Offering charming experiences like Walk with Alpacas and Llamas and Visits to Adorable Cafe Farms with authentic tastes, families here will find no excuse to stay indoors. Moreover, for those looking to teach their little ones about the fascinating history of present-day Livigno, a visit to MUS, which is a faithful reconstruction of a traditional Livigno homestead, is the perfect attraction for a day out!
Warm hugs with cute alpacas!

So are you ready to experience the Italian Alps differently this winter? Book any of our wonderful holiday homes in Livigno.

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