Busting the myths about holiday rentals...

March, 09 2022 ( Updated March, 09 2022)


You’re booking a holiday and you want to be sure to get the most out of your time off.  Do you go for a hotel or for a holiday rental?  Are those “villa-from-hell” stories you’ve heard true or just urban myths? 


This week, 7th – 11th March 2022, is Vacation Rental Week.  An annual celebration of the holiday rental market, arranged by the Vacation Rental Management Association to spread awareness about the positive impact that holiday rentals have on communities. To mark the occasion we are setting out to bust some of the myths around holiday rentals and to highlight the advantages of renting a private holiday home for yourself.  We hope this will inspire you to holiday in the property of your dreams!

Myth #1 –  You are on your own with a holiday rental
Many guests are concerned that if things go wrong with a holiday rental then they are on their own and there is no back up to fix an issue.  In a hotel you are safe knowing that there is always a manager on site.  Not so.  Holiday rentals are carefully managed by a team – from the owner to the rental agency.  There is always somebody on hand to offer assistance and to make sure that you are 100% happy.
Myth #2 - Hotels have much higher standards
The holiday rental market has undergone something of a revolution in the last 15 years.  Not only is it booming, but it has become a highly professional industry.  Gone are the days of a shabby air bed in a badly equipped house.  Nowadays guests and owners have far higher standards.  Holiday rental management agencies, such as Happy.Rentals, will only promote properties that they themselves have carefully vetted. Guest satisfaction is at the top of everyone’s list. 
Myth #3 – Hotels are better for children
Whilst hotels can offer many different activities for children, a hotel room cannot compete with a private holiday rental in terms of space and freedom for your children.  When you have your own house, children do not need to worry about disturbing other hotel guests, whether they are playing football in the garden or messing about in the pool.  Also, when you are choosing a holiday rental you can select one that fits best with your family’s interests – on the coast if you love swimming, snorkeling or surfing; or in the countryside if you prefer hiking and cycling.
Myth #4 - Hotels are cheaper
If your holiday is longer than a few days or if you are going away with a group of friends, then it is generally far more economic to opt for a holiday rental.  Not only will you all be together in the same property you will also be able to self-cater and save money on expensive hotel restaurant bills. Plus it is a lot more fun to have your own place and the amenities all to yourselves!
Myth #5 – Hotels are more relaxing
What could be more relaxing than having your own, private, luxurious space?  Whilst self-catering can appear like a chore, in fact it gives guests a chance to really get to know the area where they are staying – visiting markets and meeting local suppliers, enjoying local cuisine and tailoring it to your own tastes.  Plus there is the satisfaction of contributing to the local economy.

So now you can see through these groundless urban myths.  Experience it for yourself and book a stay in one of our tempting properties across Europe.
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