Our Sixth Digital Nomad Friendly Stop: Spain

March, 16 2022 ( Updated March, 16 2022)


For a digital nomad, a laptop, good internet connection, and a global community to feel at home is all that it takes to make any country their nomadic stop. And guess what, our next destination has it all and more! 

If there is one thing everyone knows about Spain is that it is a little different from the rest of Europe. Indeed, the country is home to some of the sunniest cities, the warmest people and the most multicultural provinces. What’s more, Spain’s digital nomad visa is anticipated to be available from 2022 Spring-Summer onwards and it will allow international workers to stay, travel, and work with a foreign company in Spain for up to 3 years. 

As if that wasn’t attractive enough, the program National Network of Welcoming Villages for Remote Workers is yet another initiative for digital nomads to work and stay in no less than 30 beautiful villages of Spain. So, let’s ride together and find out some of the most digital nomad-friendly destinations in Spain before you decide where to stay and enjoy your nomadic life!

Soak up chill vibes on Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Blessed with brilliant sunshine, a temperate climate, blue flag beaches, prestigious nightclubs and a large multicultural population, at Costa del Sol, digital nomads will easily find the perfect work-life balance.

Málaga is a good starting point if you wish to stay at Costa del Sol for long as it not only has a breathtaking number of experiences but is also really close to the hip and trendy Marbella! In fact, the whole coast is sprinkled with precious little towns to give digital nomads something new to explore every day. For example, Fuengirola is perfect to enjoy the transparent sea without the crowds, Nerja is ideal to explore masterpieces of Spanish architecture, meanwhile, Torre del Mar is great to live in an authentic Spanish atmosphere! 

In any case, the fact that tourism has made this region highly popular means that wherever you decide to stay on the coast, you will always find desirable amenities right next door; from gyms and supermarkets to tapas bars and our best holiday homes, you will find everything along the entire coast!

T-off in Marbella or Kitesurf at Tarifa

A variety of outdoor sports are also offered by the coast that see numerous locals and internationals enjoying them from time to time. From golf, rugby, pádel to kitesurfing in Tarifa -  a major hub of this sport - here you can effortlessly take care of your health and also find the perfect company to enjoy experiences with in Spain!

One of the most important perks of any place that a digital nomad looks forward to is its connectivity. From Málaga, you are placed at one of the most advantageous positions to travel nationally as well as internationally; the nationwide AVE train can take you to Madrid in about 3 hours, meanwhile, Málaga’s Airport can connect you to Spain’s islands as well as other international destinations.

Costa Brava

Moving up the geographical ladder, close to another famous coast of Spain, is Catalonia. This autonomous province of Spain enjoys its own language, culture, world-class food, and internationally-renowned architecture—the list really goes on! 

Barcelona, especially, checks all these desirable features on the list of digital nomads and boasts a huge international population, making it much easier for foreigners to settle in. The city is also home to pet-friendly beaches for those who cannot leave their pooch behind and has an excellent selection of international as well as traditional cuisine in every other neighbourhood!
A panoramic view of Barcelona, with Sagrada Familia in the centre

Just half an hour away from Barcelona is another beautiful destination, Sitges, known as the Hollywood Hills of Spain! Since budgets are a big consideration for any digital nomad moving to another country, Stiges is the perfect seaside base on Costa Brava for those on a budget and a fierce wanderlust.

However, the allure of northern Spain does not only reside in towns and cities. With Pyrenees mountains and the famous Balearic Islands within reach, you can always take a break from city life and find relaxation in nature. Besides, at Mallorca, the largest Balearic Island, you can enjoy the cosmopolitan island life and also get a good slice of the much-talked Spanish party scene!

So, where are you going to be in Spain as a Digital Nomad; the north or the south? Choose whichever place you may, we have got you covered. 

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