Open Art Galleries Weekend in Knokke is here!

March, 29 2022 ( Updated March, 30 2022)


Get ready to soak up the fascinating world of art at the tri-annual Open Gallery Weekend in  Knokke

Scheduled to happen on the 2-3 of April 2022, the Open Gallery Weekend is dedicated to art from all periods, parts and styles from across the globe. This year almost 25 galleries are participating in the event, wherein gallery owners will welcome you with open arms and happily share their one-of-a-kind experiences and knowledge with you. So, no more mystery around the art world or the artists, this weekend you can enjoy a slice of some of Knokke’s finest galleries.

Though this seaside town offers more galleries than one can visit in a single trip, we have curated for you some must-see galleries for the wide and international range of works they house! Prep up and experience art in all its glory this coming weekend in Knokke-Heist!

Retsin Gallery

Pop-art fans get ready as the Belgian artist Retsin's gallery is a journey down the 1940-60s pop culture nostalgia. You can expect to find everything pop American here elaborated in the artist’s original and individual interpretation. Think Classic American cartoons, films and film stars like Betty Boop, DuckTales and iconic Coca-Cola posters when heading to Retsin’s Gallery!
Momentum Art Gallery

This art gallery displays a rather wide range of artists. From the Israel-born painter and sculptor David Gerstein to the satirical works of the Argentine cartoonist Antonio Segui, and the internationally known French artist Sosno, the gallery has engaging contemporary artworks from these and many more known and upcoming artists in their permanent exhibit.

Bogert Gallery

The Bogert gallery offers a unique experience that would be cherished by visitors who are on their way to becoming artists. It offers what is generally known as ‘kunstbabbels.’ These are guided tours of the galleries where artists explain their works, giving invaluable insights to those who wish to learn from the practitioners themselves!

Absolute Art Gallery

The Absolute Art Gallery has four exquisite branches spread in different cities of Belgium; one in Brussels, one in the dreamy Bruges and two in the Knokke-Heist area itself. The gallery has an eclectic mix of artists such as the breathtaking oil works, especially the ‘pinot-noir’ wine glass series of Alan Kingsbury; the soulful artwork of Martian Hesseling; and many other modern artists!

These are of course just a few of the galleries participating in the Open Art Gallery Weekend, but Knokke-Heist has a total of 90+ galleries in the whole area to explore! Moreover, if you want a change of the art scene, then you can always explore the fascinating open-air art installations of Knokke completely gratis!

So, are you ready for a quick getaway into the world of art? Stay at some of our best holiday homes on the Belgian Coast to enjoy the Open Gallery Weekend!

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