Our Seventh Digital Nomad Friendly Stop: Switzerland!

April, 20 2022 ( Updated May, 09 2022)


With normal life fully restored and no quarantine restrictions in place for incoming travellers, our next digital nomad stop, Switzerland, is a true paradise in every sense. 

The Swiss Alps' enchanting beauty is known worldwide, but the country offers a lot more to those who want to put down temporary roots and make Switzerland their next nomadic home. Immaculate coworking spaces, a considerable English-speaking population, extensive rail networks, and high quality of life define working remotely from this natural Eden. But does Switzerland have a digital nomad visa? Well, not yet. Instead, Switzerland has a Type-D visa that allows non-citizens to stay for periods longer than 3 months! 

So sit tight as we take you through your digital nomad life in Switzerland’s most versatile and sunny area, Ticino! 

The Gotthard Railway snaking through the breathtaking Swiss Alps

Ticino, a canton of southern Switzerland, is the perfect combination of cosmopolitan cities, lakes, and mountains. It has a super desirable climate that oozes comfort in summers and the ideal conditions to enjoy adrenaline sports in winters. Digital nomads here really wouldn’t have to think twice before working remotely and exploring Switzerland’s timeless beauty across seasons, because Ticino has it all!

Lugano, one of the most diverse cities in Switzerland for Digital Nomads

Lugano, the largest city of the canton, is a hub of vibrant nightlife, events, concerts, excellent restaurants, and, most importantly, top-notch co-working spaces like Impact Hub. The city is known to host elite tourists, but at the same time, it offers plenty to attract young travellers who make up a large portion of the world's digital nomad population. However, what makes Lugano the most convenient is its effortless connectivity to bigger cities in Switzerland. Digital nomads in Lugano can reach cities like Zürich (in central Switzerland) in just 100 minutes via the world’s longest railway tunnel, the Gotthard Base Tunnel! Meanwhile, for those looking for international mobility, another railway line in Lugano–Tilo–crosses the border into Italy and goes through Lombardy to Milan Malpensa Airport.

Spring and Summer for Digital Nomads in Ticino

During summer, Ticino offers much to do in temperate weather that reaches a maximum of 30 degrees. There are lidos and natural swimming areas scattered around like little dazzling jewels when you want to take a break from remote working and enjoy a refreshing dip. For the adventurous digital nomads and fans of James Bond movies, the GoldenEye’s iconic bungee jumping point is right here in Ticino, and so are many breathtaking hiking and biking trails through Monte Carasso, Monte San Giorgio, and Monte Lema.

The breathtaking contrast of Summer and Winter at the iconic GoldenEye dam

Come September, when the off-season sets in, digital nomads can enjoy great deals and visit famous sites like Madonna del Sasso (in Locarno) and Bellinzona (capital of Ticino) without the extra crowds. They can also take a little trip down ancient history and visit one of the prettiest villages of Ticino, Morcote when it is enveloped in a blissful, romantic atmosphere. Needless to say, the magnificent Lake Maggiore, nestled on the border of Switzerland and Italy, is also less crowded and more welcoming to enjoy a quick weekend getaway and tons of exciting watersports. 

Try your hand at high-speed windsurfing in Lake Maggiore

Autumn for Digital Nomads in Ticino

Ticino is home to some magnificent parks whose beauty is surpassed especially during Autumn when centuries-old trees turn gold and offer painting-like scenic beauty all over Ticino. Another popular phenomenon also takes place in Autumn and is called the Foliage train: Imagine closing your laptop for the day and hopping on a dreamy train ride that will take you through the widely colourful landscape from Piedmont (in Italy) to Locarno (in Switzerland), that’s the Foliage train for you. 

Winter for Digital Nomads in Ticino

In winter, digital nomads can count on snow-laden pistes and the presence of ski resorts like San Domenico and Mottarone near Lake maggiore to enjoy winter sports and the characteristic beauty of the Swiss Alps. For those who want to dig further into the travelling opportunities and make the best of their stay, Ticino has efficient train connections to popular cities such as Lucerne. A stunning little corner of paradise, Lucerne is a must-visit in summer as well as winter, with unique ski resorts around to enjoy. 

Lucerne’s fairy-tale-like beauty

Majestic mountains, lakes, history, natural parks, nightlife, and more make Switzerland a natural stop in our journey of digital nomad-friendly blogs. But we are giving you one more reason to live in Switzerland: 

Some by the lake; some overlooking the alps, but all with a Wi-Fi facility and personally curated by experts. Our monthly rentals in Ticino will certainly appeal to your digital nomad lifestyle in Switzerland. However, if you feel a little unsure about renting a holiday home for the first time, then you can say goodbye to all your worries with our blog on why you should stay in a holiday home!

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