One Day in Šibenik: What to see

May, 04 2022 ( Updated May, 05 2022)


A place on the Croatian coast that is often not as valued as it should be is Šibenik. The town is a fortress built by the Croatians that winds from the coast and then goes into the interior. Here, the white of the houses mixes with the sea’s intense and crystal-clear blue: a mesmerising spectacle for the eyes! Šibenik, in fact, is a destination not to be missed at all if you are near Zadar or Split, as it is located right between these two cities. 

So read on and check out our pick of some of the best attractions not to be missed if you are on a day trip to Šibenik. 

Aerial view of the famous Republic Square with st. james cathedral on the coast of Croatia in Sibenik
An aerial view of the famous Republic Square with St. James Cathedral

Undoubtedly worth a visit is the beautiful Republic Square with its elegant buildings built in Venetian Baroque style that makes this area of the city a little gem. Also, in the square stands the Cathedral of St. James, where there is a statue of the patron saint of Šibenik, and on the opposite side, is the city hall that today is a classy restaurant and a very romantic one at that. 

The Cathedral of St. James — an imposing building with large, white slabs — is, without a doubt, a fixed stop for the tourists. In addition to admiring its external beauty, it is worth entering inside and drawing inspiration from the magnificent, well-preserved and finely-decorated baptistery of the church. The Cathedral of St. James has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Tip: For those looking for a day trip from Šibenik, the city is an excellent gateway to the gorgeous Kornati Islands as well as Krka National Park!

Another point of interest is the medieval Mediterranean garden that is part of San Lorenzo’s Convent’s complex. The convent, which had long been abandoned, was restored in 2007. But today, in the gardens of the complex, you can indulge in the admiration of aromatic plants and medicinal and ornamental herbs. It is certainly a pleasure to spend some time here, combined perhaps with sipping a coffee at the bar in the garden.

Going up, beyond the monastery, through a street leading to the upper part of Šibenik, there is St. Michael's Fortress, one of the symbols of the upper town, which, in the past, served as a defence system of the city. Today, the upper courtyard of the fortress is a beautiful open-air theatre and is really impressive. 

From here, the view of the town and the Adriatic Sea with all its little islands is quite suggestive and unique. You can also admire the promenade of Šibenik called St. Anthony's Channel, a beautiful walk of 4.5 km among nature, bars and restaurants, from up here.
Historic city centre of Sibenik, Croatia with St. Michael's Fortress. Adriatic Sea in the background. View from the Barone FortressThe historic town centre of Šibenik with St. Michael’s Fortress

These are, however, just some of the most important attractions not to be missed in this wonderful seaside resort. There is indeed much to be discovered in the hidden beauty of this jewel of a country, especially for those thinking of starting their nomadic life in the super digital nomad friendly Croatia

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