Holiday Homes: Mistakes you should not make while furnishing

April, 02 2021 ( Updated April, 02 2021)

When it comes to holiday homes, the main goal is to make them as attractive as possible on the market so that guests, throughout the year, always occupy them. But how do you make a property unique enough to leave a lasting memory on those who stay there? Doing this is all the more crucial since a good impression is a dominant factor in the guests’ return to that house.

When entering a holiday home, the guests must be left speechless and nothing should disappoint their expectations. It is important to create a familiar space, an atmosphere where guests feel at home, but, at the same time, far from the routine to which they are accustomed. After all, they are on vacation!

However, you don't need experts or expensive solutions to lend a cosy atmosphere to your holiday home. A few simple tricks are all it needs. So, let us see some of them!

The first thing to avoid is furnishing your property in an impersonal way,  using unoriginal elements and accessories that will not capture the interest of the guests. The risk is that the house is just one another among many other homes: beautiful, yes, but with no personality.

Instead of using furniture and decorations found everywhere, opting for custom furnishings is key to winning a returning guest. That is, of course, without overdoing it. Start by furnishing your holiday home with elements reminiscent of the land in which it is located. Paint the walls with particular shades and colours that evoke certain feelings and opt for decoration with unique ornamental pieces or discovered treasures that are impossible to find in large retailers' shops. In other terms, avoid paintings or canvases that can be found almost everywhere, such as the ones that often depict world-famous attractions. Prefer particular but simple ones that tell a special story to the potential guests of your house.  

Another mistake you should not make is leaving personal accessories — such as photographs — on the house’s walls or the furniture. Personalising your holiday home does not mean leaving such intimate items behind, as this could make vacationers feel uncomfortable. So be careful!

Even cluttering is not allowed. You need originality, not chaos. The holiday home should be a relaxing, quiet, and inviting ambient, where guests can feel carefree throughout their vacation. If you leave your personal belongings and accessories around, the guests certainly won't feel at home.

Speaking of tidiness, the layout of the home furnishings is also crucial. A confused and unharmonious layout does not allow guests to settle in the best way possible. Instead, it may even lead them to feel a sense of loss. Use elements present in the home and make them the focal point of its environment. For example, a beautiful fireplace should be enhanced to the fullest to become the centre of a warm and comfortable living room. 

To conclude, let's not forget the importance of furnishings and linens’ quality. As the saying goes: You buy cheap, you buy twice. Finding a middle ground between too expensive and very cheap accessories is the wisest choice, which will benefit both you and your guests.

Take a cue from these little tips to make your property an effective investment. Don't forget that a holiday home full of personality, quality elements, and a good design of the rooms will undoubtedly make the difference.


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