Why Holiday Rental Properties are a Good Investment

February, 23 2022 ( Updated May, 02 2022)

Have you ever fallen in love with a place and dreamt of owning a house there?  Well, there are ways to make this dream a reality and to make it work for you financially too…

As the world starts slowly to return to normal, with travel restrictions lifted, holiday rentals are booming.  After nearly two years of lockdown, people want to go on holiday and the privacy offered by a rental property is an attractive option. No crowded hotel lobby, no busy restaurants, just your own space with your own family or friends. There has never been a better time to buy property for a holiday home – both for yourself and as a safe investment.

All the research indicates that the short-term holiday rental market is only going to grow, especially for domestic travellers. People are interested in taking short breaks all year round, as well as the more traditional longer annual holiday.  This is perfect for short-term holiday rentals, giving property owners rental income 12 months/year, not just during the high season months. 

A safe investment with benefits 

When you buy a second property there are three options – either move in and live there as a principal residence; rent out the property as a long-term rental and severely limit your access to it; or rent it out for holiday or short-term rental.  This third option gives you maximum flexibility and often higher financial returns.  If you rent out a property as a holiday let, then you have the option to use it as and when you want.  Then, when you do not want to be there, you can rent it out and the property is earning money for you and covering its costs. It is a win/win situation!  

You might even have a property nearer to where you live, which could be transformed into the perfect holiday destination.  Whether it is a flat, a barn, or an outbuilding with potential, there are many properties which can be converted into wonderful holiday rentals, and which can be transformed from a liability into a source of revenue.  So it might be worth looking into the numbers for transforming your empty space into a beautiful rental property. Given the current holiday rentals market it is money well spent. 

With interest rates so low, savings accounts are not as attractive as they once were.  If you invest your capital in property, not only is the value of your property increasing, you are also earning an income from the rental. Your property is actually paying for itself! Plus you have a holiday home in your favourite location, where you can stay whenever you want, without worrying how to cover the expenses.

Managing your holiday rental property

It can be difficult looking after a second home, especially in another country. Here is where Happy.Rentals can help you to manage your property, taking care of marketing, bookings and billing. We have our local teams in more than 15 offices in 8 countries across Europe, so we can take the stress out of managing your property. Where we don’t have our offices, we have our recruiters who can help you rent your property effortlessly.  

So contact our representative in your area or email our Owner Center at owners@happy.rentals and then sit back and enjoy the returns on your investment. 


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