Lake Lugano

Between the graceful Lake Como and the enchanting Lake Maggiore flows the ever so beautiful Lake Lugano on the border between Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy. Lake Lugano which is spread over about 48 square kilometres is shared by two regions namely, Ticino in Switzerland and Lombardy in Italy. The majority of the lake lies in Switzerland. The lake is navigable and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the rarest scenery around. It is surrounded by Monte Brè on the east, Monte San Salvatore on the west, Monte Generoso on the south-east and the World Heritage Site Monte San Giorgio on the south.

Lake Lugano and the adjoining regions form a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday amidst numerous parks and gardens and mild hiking trails. The destination is known for its palm groves, beautiful landscape, Mediterranean flavoured architecture and cuisine. While the towns and city centres might seem a little busy, the villages make up for it with their peaceful neighbourhoods, fascinating views and spell-binding display of classical architecture. Tourists often spend time shopping, trying local cuisine, exploring the lake, and appreciating the beautiful gardens and promenades.

Some of the places popular among tourists as holiday destination are:


Lugano, a city in Southern Switzerland, is the largest city with an Italian speaking majority outside of Italy. The gardens, sacred places and villas set against the charming scenery make Lugano an extremely attractive destination. Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre are not very far from the city centre. A walk down Monte Bre takes one to Bre village, famous for preserving its typical Ticino village centre.

The numerous boutiques that line up the city of Lugano have popularized the city as a shopping destination. Piazza Riforma, the main square of the city is a must visit and has plenty of bistros and restaurants. While the architecture of the buildings in Lugano are a delight to the eyes and transport you to a different era, the weekly handicraft and antique markets are worth exploring too. To the delight of art connoisseurs, the city hosts a number of painting exhibitions.

Lugano also owes its popularity to its strategic location which serves as a very convenient base for excursions to other places of interests around the lake, such as Morcote, the fishing village of Gandria, Monte Lema, Monte Generoso and the Swissminiatur in Melide.


Porlezza is a commune on the Italian shore of Lake Lugano and is located about 60 kilometres from Milan. The region is of particular interest to hikers, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts as it offers easy access to mountain trails. The baroque architecture of its monuments attracts a large number of tourists to this region. The Romanesque oratory of St. Maurizio and The St. Maria dei Miracoli which was constructed during the 16th century is also worth visiting.

The Porlezza region also has the largest number of natural grottos, the most famous one being “The Grotte di Rescia”,  which are characterised by their numerous stalactites and stalagmites and waterfalls. These grottos continue to attract tourists in large numbers.


Melide is a lake-facing town in the Ticino region of Switzerland. It is a very important tourist destination because of its proximity to Monte San Salvatore and the very famous Swissminiatur.

The slope of Monte San Salvatore, which is about 900 meter above sea level, offers one of the best vantage points to behold the beautiful lake and the plains surrounding it. One can also get a view of the magnificent chain of the Swiss and Savoy Alps from here. Once can also visit the churches built on the slope of the mountain.

The Swissminiatur has detailed and authentic models of well-known sites in Switzerland in the form of miniatures. From the castles of Burgdorf and Chillon to the Federal Parliament in Bern, the Swissminiatur offers an alternative way of experiencing and knowing about Switzerland. In keeping with its aim to provide a glimpse of Switzerland, visitors are also introduced to various species of flowers and trees typical of the region.


Brusimpiano is a great place on the shore of Lake Lugano in Italy for a quiet and relaxing stay. Not very far from Lugano, the commune offers beautiful and enchanting sceneries. It is very close to a number of mountain peaks which are perfect for walking and hiking. Brusimpiano also has its share of sacred buildings and villas, and not to forget, lush vegetation. The golf and race tracks are also not very far from here. The natural highlights of the town and its closeness to city centres makes it an ideal destination for different kinds of people travelling to the region, be it adventurists, nature lovers, shoppers or those looking for a quiet and peaceful break.