Easter Traditions Worth Planning a Family Holiday!

April, 13 2022 ( Updated May, 03 2022)

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Most holidays are well-spent if they are spent in the loving warmth of family, and Easter is no different. Being one of the most religious and emotional holidays of Christians, Easter is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and world-famous traditions in different parts of Europe. Therefore, with the end of Lent and Easter weekend just around the corner, we are bringing to you some of the most amazing Easter traditions from around Europe to share and enjoy with your loved ones.

So read on and get ready to have a delightful Easter 2022! 


Italy: Fireworks, processions and personalised Easter eggs

If you find yourself holidaying in the Tuscan region, then don’t miss a chance to visit Florence and see ‘The explosion of the cart’ at the Duomo. In this famous Easter tradition, a turret called Brindellone is put on a cart, which is then pulled by white oxen through the entire city. Once the cart reaches the Duomo, a pyrotechnic dove is let off from the altar, which lights the turret on the cart leading to a burst – if the dove comes back safely, it symbolizes a year of prosperity!

The Explosion of the Cart, with Brindellone on top, an Italian Easter tradition from FlorenceThe Explosion of the Cart, with Brindellone on top

Another famous tradition known all over the world and celebrated in various parts of Italy is the Easter Meeting. In this tradition, the statue of the Madonna is raced to that of the risen Christ in an emotional meeting of the mother and the son – certainly an unmissable spectacle for those celebrating their Easter holiday in Italy!

Tip: If you are taking a family break in the Swiss-Italian lakes or going with your little ones for a more adventurous Easter weekend, then celebrate with the Italian tradition of gifting tailor-made chocolate eggs!

Spain: Death Dances and Parades on Easter

Death Dances may seem a little spooky at first, but in Verges (Girona), this Easter tradition is participated in by both adults and children. The main spectacle called “The Procession of Verges” takes place on Maundy Thursday, whereas the one with children happens on Easter Day itself. On either day, the Dance of Death is re-enacted the same way: with skeleton costumes, ash boxes, the theatrical depiction of Christs’ passion, and the perfect background setting of the medieval old town centre of Verges!The Dance of Death, an Easter Celebration from Verges, Spain
The Dance of Death

Spain also celebrates Easter with a number of grand processions. Especially famous are the parades of Seville, wherein the celebration has people dressed in traditional robes called costaleros and brings together a crowd of anywhere close to 50,000 people!

Tip: To get a taste of the Easter festivities in a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, head to bigger cities like Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca!

France: Spring Easter and Egg Hunts

With flowers blooming and the Spring weather at its best, Egg Hunting has to be that one perfect tradition that you can enjoy in almost every part of France with your family.
Egg hunting has the most interesting backstory in France, wherein instead of an Easter bunny, the eggs are thought to be hidden by flying bells! According to general belief, when the bells of all churches are silenced in the three days leading up to Easter, they are thought to fly off to the Pope in Rome for blessing. So when the bells return, they bring back Easter eggs with them and hide them in the garden of houses leading to the tradition of numerous egg hunts throughout France!
So, get ready, set and go when les cloches sont passées! (the bells have come!)
Egg hunts are a French Easter traditionEgg hunts and wholesome family fun 

Greece: Smashing Pottery and red Easter Eggs
You might want to steer clear of the streets of Corfu, or you might want to be part of the fun! 

A tradition to bring in new hope; smashing pottery in Corfu has its Easter origin in Italy. On Easter Sunday, around 11 a.m., people start throwing all kinds of old stuff from their homes onto the streets in hopes of replacing everything that is old and bygone with something new! So, smash away!!! And don’t forget to try the ‘red eggs’, which are unique to Greece and are painted with organic red inks to depict the blood of Christ. 

Easter breakfasts in Croatia

No celebration is complete without food!

As part of its delectable Easter feast, Croatia serves up on its Easter menu: coloured eggs, spring onions, horseradish, French salads, traditional cakes, and special homemade bread and ham! But, you can keep feasting in Croatia any time of the year. To get a taste, read our tempting blog on typical Croatian dishes or scroll down a little as we leave you with a virtual taste of the sumptuous Gibanica - a crisp layered pastry with poppy, walnuts, cheese, and carob - to get your mouth watering for your Croatian feasting cruise.
The delicious Gibanica, a traditional Easter dessert from CroatiaDeliciously layered Gibanica

So where are you heading for Easter? All plans can be taken care of, just have a look at our best holiday homes in Europe.


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