Holiday Home for the Digital Nomad

January, 26 2021 ( Updated January, 29 2021)

Over the past year, due to the global pandemic, the idea of a ‘Digital Nomad’ has become more and more established. 


The question that arises therefore is: what is the workplace of a digital nomad? Without a doubt, the home, or is it rather the world?


This is a trend that continues to grow, particularly in the communications and marketing sector, but generally for all jobs where being in an office is not essential. Digital nomads are therefore able to enjoy more freedom, less stress, less rigid schedules and above all, enjoy their home environment even more. This is a good compromise for both workers and companies, both economically and in terms of space management.  


After all, the digital nomad doesn't need much in the way of tools other than a PC and a good internet connection. That's all they need to be able to work!


Especially in the last few months, when the pandemic has not allowed people to return to their office in full capacity, making your property suitable for the digital nomad should be an extra incentive for renting even during the low season.


In this article, we'd like to give you a few tips on how to make your holiday home a great place for a digital nomad to stay.


First of all, a suitable workstation is a must. Nothing fancy or too expensive, but the important thing is that the work area should be a separate room or at least within the bedroom, but with a division. This is to offer maximum concentration during work, but also to separate work life from other domestic activities. Obviously, a large enough desk is a must where one can comfortably place their PC, books and other material. 


The chair must be ergonomic and adjustable to the comfort of the worker. Also, in this case, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. However, it must be remembered that the digital nomad spends a lot of time sitting down so, a small investment in the work chair will help make his or her stay pleasant. 


Style and furnishings are not that important, but if you want to win them over, a minimalist, modern and functional style without too many accessories is just what they love. This is what freelancers generally prefer. A minimal home that conveys peace and quiet, not chaos.


In this respect, it is essential to add some indoor plants to your holiday home. Green, typical of the Nordic style evokes feelings of well-being and balance. Buy low-maintenance plants such as palm trees or aloe plants. The digital nomad will be able to work better in a more natural environment. 


Light is an essential element. Place the work desk in an area of the house where plenty of natural light enters, perhaps near a large window with a view. Natural light will be appreciated much more than artificial office spotlights. 


When we talk about digital nomads, we don't just mean a worker, but sometimes also their family, especially these days. That's why it's good to design your home with more guests in mind. 


Here are a few simple ideas to make your holiday home suitable for a digital nomad: small touches that will make their stay enjoyable and keep them coming back to your property!


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