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March, 02 2022 ( Updated March, 02 2022)


We are excited to introduce the beautiful locations of our brand-new offices!

With five new openings, we are bringing to you our promise of a memorable vacation and carefree rentals in Olbia, Bardonecchia, Torbole Sul Garda, Palma de Mallorca and Koksijde, all regions of unique potential and international renown. So, let us take you through these wonderful new additions without delay and see what makes them stand out!


Olbia’s sparkling waters and white-sand beaches make it a go-to destination for tons of travellers. But what makes it a true favourite is its relative affordability and proximity to the luxuries of the globally-famous Costa Smeralda! Defined by elite crowds, glimmering beaches, golf clubs and private jets, Costa Smeralda is host to famous personalities from all over the world and all year round. 

Now with our seasoned professionals right on the ground, Olbia is perfect to not only enjoy exquisite beaches but also a truly carefree vacation on the high-end Costa Smeralda!

Crystal clear waters of Petra Ruja Beach, Costa Smeralda


Our next office location on the list is Bardonecchia, one of the most visited and charming ski resorts in Italy! 

In 2006, Bardonecchia gained international fame after hosting the snowboarding events of the Turin Winter Olympics. But, with 20 ski-lifts in 56 hectares of land, the resort has always been a favourite weekend escape for tourists, skiers and boarders. What is more, perched on the French-Italian borders, Bardonecchia is an amazing base to explore many more resorts in both countries!

Torbole Sul Garda 

In the past, many artists, poets and famous persons have made claims about Lake Garda’s beauty and charm. But, the artist who made this lake truly famous was the writer Johann W. Goethe. And of all the towns that caught his attention, one was the former fishing village and our new office location, Torbole Sul Garda

Indeed, with its scenic setting, historic structures and reputation as an international centre for windsurfing and sailing, Torbole is a must-visit on the itinerary of many. The town is also a starting point for picturesque climbs and hikes in the Torbole-Nago region, with the highest peak around Lake Garda!
Romantic setting of Torbole Sul Garda

Palma de Mallorca

Another one of our beautiful office locations is near the capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca! As a major tourist hub, this global city offers a modern infrastructure and, at the same time, retains its original charm and character. Besides, with breathtaking sea coasts and coves as well as fashionable shopping areas like Av. Jaume III and Porto Pi, Palma has become the perfect destination for a timeless beach vacation

All along, the city’s enduring historic town centre, Mediterranean climate and vibrant nightlife make it an amazing year-round holiday destination!
Waterfront of Palma de Mallorca with the Gothic Cathedral in the background


An up-and-coming holiday destination and home to our beautiful oceanfront office location, Koksijde is a top attraction on the Belgian coast!

The seaside resort has a unique terrain full of natural reserves and a charming cultural life, with a special allure for families and art lovers. It is home to a family-friendly beach village, traditional horseback shrimp fishermen and Paul Delvaux’s biggest collection of artworks! Not only that, the resort boasts the biggest dune of the region: at 33 metres, Hoge Bleeker is a beautiful natural area, with a truly distinct terrain and flora!

Our partners’ local knowledge and presence are invaluable when it comes to providing a fulfilling experience; their on-ground availability and experience ensures not only an effortless experience for homeowners who wish to start renting their holiday home or want to invest in one, but also a seamless holiday for guests who are happy to return!

So, don’t hesitate, swing by and meet us in our new offices, even if it is just to say hello!

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