Eco Friendly Homes: some useful tips

February, 19 2021 ( Updated February, 19 2021)

More and more houses are nowadays incorporating environment-friendly measures for a cleaner world and with an eye to the future and the environment. But that’s not all. There are also various advantages that only an eco-friendly house can offer.

Turning your home into a "green home" is certainly a good starting point for increasing your income from renting a holiday home: this is because an eco-friendly structure that cares about the environment brings significant savings on the various expenses related to housing. All this can only be a plus for revenue.


Let's take a look at some important tips for an eco-friendly holiday home


One of the first solutions that are adopted is the installation of solar panels, an excellent alternative by producing energy through the greatest source of light i.e. the Sun. The bills to be paid will be much lower and the house will have a reduced environmental impact.

In addition to this solution, there are smaller and simpler but really useful advantages. Let's look at them:


- provide a dishwasher to avoid the use of disposable crockery

- include a smart thermostat: you can turn on the heating before guests arrive and turn it off when they leave

- add smart switches that allow you to switch lights on and off remotely. Alternatively, replace old light bulbs with LEDs which use less energy and last longer.


Solar panels are undoubtedly the most expensive investment but are also the ones that will prove to be a good deal in the long run. Your wallet will thank you! For the other solutions, everything is feasible without much difficulty. 


In addition to these technological ideas, which certainly have an impact, let's also take a look at some of the more practical and easier eco-friendly ways. 


The first rule we must never forget is to avoid unnecessary purchases for the home which will then perhaps be thrown away. In this sense, it is important to provide, if possible, reusable and non-disposable material

This is certainly a good way to avoid unnecessary expenditure which will prove to be an added value not only for the environment but also for the wallet. 

In fact, more and more private and public facilities are adopting this type of system: offering eco-friendly solutions that are easy to dispose of and do not pollute our planet further!


Some ideas


- have special bins for rubbish (paper, plastic, glass...) so that guests can have a tidy and environment-friendly house

- if possible, do not buy disposable crockery, containers and other materials, which only create an accumulation of unnecessary waste

- provide napkins, handkerchiefs and other household products such as non-disposable, washable towels

- avoid buying new furniture and if possible, restore old furniture you already have. This will reduce the cost of furnishing your home and free up landfills from old furniture.

- add a filter to the tap so that you always have fresh, drinkable water. You will not have to spend money on buying water, but above all there will be less waste to throw away.


These are small ideas to protect the environment and to have a holiday home that amazes guests with eco-friendly equipment and definitely saves you some money!


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