Top 5 Holiday Rental Amenities Searched by Guests

May, 11 2022 ( Updated May, 13 2022)

No matter if you are a new homeowner who is just starting to rent out or an experienced one, it is always beneficial to keep up with the latest trends in the holiday rental market. 

Many homeowners seek to attract particular kinds of guests depending on the property they have. The trendy amenities are for the young traveller; the more sophisticated ones are for an elite traveller; whereas child and pet-friendly amenities are offered by those who want families to enjoy a stay in their vacation home.

In any case, it is always a good idea to keep the top searches made by guests on your holiday rental amenities checklist.

So let’s find out what are the top 5 amenities searched by guests that you should definitely have in your home!

Wooden open-air dining furniture on a charming terrace under the shade of trees in GreeceOpen-air dining under the soothing shade of trees, Villa Kirke, Crete (ID 5584)

1. High-Speed Wi-Fi 

Tourism has completely transformed ever since the pandemic’s changed the way people want to experience travelling. Now travel is not something only done in the peak season. Rather, people are keen on planning their vacations whilst keeping up with their work. 

Besides, the post-pandemic traveller is increasingly looking for two very specific kinds of experiences: one where they want to go for a workcation and the other where they want to go completely off the grid. So unless your holiday home offers the latter experience, good Wi-Fi is a must! Especially for families with children, this amenity is a total hit as the younger generation is more tech-savvy. 

You can also attract more families and offer a better, more gratifying guest experience by offering streaming services like Netflix or a gaming console for a truly welcoming and fulfilling stay at your property.

2. Well-equipped Kitchen 

Travellers choose to vacation in a holiday home to either live like a local or to enjoy a totally private ambience with their loved ones. Therefore, it is essential that your home, depending on the size and type of property, has a kitchen that is well-equipped for catering. 

An elegant and fully-equipped kitchen with dining area at the holiday rental Enchanted Home, Lugano.Enchanted Home (ID 4069) in Lugano featuring an elegant, fully-equipped kitchen

You certainly do not want guests going through the hassle of running out last minute to the grocery store or restaurants just because the kitchen lacks basic amenities to prepare a full meal! If this happens, there is a high chance that the guests may not leave a very favourable review for your property!

So invest in good cooking ware such as pots and pans, sharp knives and modern appliances like a dishwasher and microwave to bring in ease to self-catering. We are sure that your guests would want to return to a place that was thoughtful, caring and well-equipped for an effortless stay.

Tip: Here you can find more ideas on how to furnish your holiday home to make it more guest-friendly!

3. Bathroom amenities 

Essential toiletries kept for guests’ use will always play to your advantage. More so because it is very common to forget shampoo or toothpaste or some such toiletry only to realise that when you wanted to use them, you forgot to pack them.

A cosy bed with Happy.Rentals' welcome bathroom kit and a set of soft towels
Handy Happy.Rentals bathroom kit for your holiday retreats

In such cases, toiletries already available at the holiday home will certainly come in handy for guests who wouldn’t want to run around looking for these essentials first thing in the morning or night!

Meanwhile, for a more luxurious and convenient stay, a washing machine and hairdryer can be added to the bathroom amenities of your vacation rental. These are a one-time investment but they go a long way if you want more families to come back to your holiday home or enjoy longer stays. 

Tip: You can upgrade your luxury holiday rental bathroom with plush amenities like toasty underfloor heating!

4. Extra facilities like a Hot Tub or Swimming Pool

As more travellers are using holiday rentals, the owners are also stepping up their game due to increased competition
Plush wooden terrace with hot tub and dining, Wellness Chalet Natura (ID 4520)

A hot tub, swimming pool or open-air dining with BBQ can completely change the vibe of your holiday home and bring in wide and varied guests. Similarly, for digital nomads, adding a laptop-friendly workplace and other remote work facilities is a bonus. 

In fact, the addition does not have to be a really big and cost-intensive amenity either. For instance, for families with children, classic board games or beach amenities (particularly for properties close to or by the beach) can make all the difference. After all, there is a certain ease in not having to bring everything from home if guests can find everything at their home away from home! 

5. 24-hour Check-in

Unforeseen delays in arrival are something everyone experiences. But this does not mean that your guests have to be worried that when they reach your property, they won’t be let in. Indeed, the convenience of automatic, 24-hour check-in is that one amenity that will surely win the guests’ hearts and make them see how much more flexible holiday rentals are, especially yours.

All being said, we want to assure you that we are always by your side and available to make your holiday home one of the best properties available to rent out for a memorable vacation.


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