The happy.rentals franchise program

The concept

Happy.Rentals provides a 360 degrees holiday rental and property management concept. Happy.Rentals opens property management offices or starts Franchise collaborations in touristic areas where it provides training and ongoing support on how to become and stay a successful property manager. With 12 offices and partners in place in Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy the concept has proven to be working in summer, winter and city areas!

Happy.Rentals will take care of key functions in order for the franchisee to fully focus on recruiting properties and providing local services to homeowners and guests. These functions are:

Global marketing

Multilingual booking team

Payment collection

Training & support

International website development

The property management system


Offline marketing

Benefit from our amazing offline marketing collaterals, such as brochures, folders flyers, etc. and grow your business using these proven methods.

Build network

Grow your business by building a solid network with homeowners and guests.

Accounting system

Fully facilitated invoicing system for owners, guests and agent, which makes everything much easier!

Stay up-to-date

Receive up-to-date booking confirmation and guest arrival information.

Stable business

Holiday rentals have proven to be one of the most stable sources of income through real estate as the market is expanding and the number of guests renting holiday homes is growing.

Professional contracts

Work with professional contracts for property management and holiday rentals for homeowners.

Professional photos and property descriptions

With professional photographs we make sure that all properties in our vast portfolio are displayed in the best and most attractive way so that they realize their full rental potential.

Maximum exposure

As well as advertising on 30+ top global holiday home rental sites, our well-ranked Happy.Rentals website and regional travel sites also advertise your property. We invest heavily in online SEO and SEA marketing tools and also target the return stay market, from our 120,000+ strong guest mailing list.

Starting as a franchisee

When you will be selected to become a franchisee, the following points are important:

Sign the franchise contract

The start of the collaboration!

Initial training

Your initial training will be at the head office of Happy.Rentals in Lugano, Switzerland. This is where it really starts!

Open office

Open your office with brand and marketing assistance of Happy.Rentals. After the initial training the franchisee will receive all the marketing materials to recruit new homeowners with. In order to get new leads for properties, the online and offline marketing will be done from the moment the franchisee starts.

Recruiting and first appointments

Start recruiting properties with the support of Happy.Rentals. Happy.Rentals professionals will come to your area to assist you with your first 10 appointments and form the initial base of your property portfolio.

Ongoing support

Happy.Rentals is always ready to support whenever they can and will be visiting your area multiple times a year. Communication is essential and needs to be ongo- ing in order to establish the quality standards that Happy.Rentals is known for!

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