Holiday homes for families: all you need to know

December, 30 2020 ( Updated January, 29 2021)

When it comes to rental properties, we must not forget that it is very likely that the guests are families with children and teenagers. It is essential, therefore, to make the holiday home suitable for hosting families so that it is as comfortable as possible not only for adults but also, and above all, for the little ones.


To make the holiday homes family-friendly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. A few simple tricks are all that it takes. 


The first tip is to use the spaces, where possible, to their full potential. This especially pertains to the sleeping area where the addition of a few beds is made possible if necessary. The living room must also be welcoming and equipped with a sofa that can accommodate many guests.


Families in particular are increasingly choosing rental houses rather than hotels. This is because if you are a large group, holiday homes are more comfortable and functional as well as less expensive.


For a tailor-made family home, it is also important to think about young people. Creating a playroom with activities of various kinds can be a winning move. The little ones will definitely want to go back to that house! But maybe there isn't enough space available to spare an entire room for fun activities; In such a case, there are less bulky alternatives such as buying a console that connect to the TV for creating real moments of fun for the whole family!


In addition to these useful little things for a pleasant stay inside the house, we must not forget to make those items available to families that will make their holiday even more relaxing. First of all, let’s have a look at personal hygiene: leaving towels, bed linen and cleaning equipment is always well appreciated. Speaking of playful things: if the holiday home is, for example, in a lakeside location, you could keep various useful things in the house, such as beach games, accessories for the sea, sun creams for younger children and the likes. A few personalized kits will surely make the whole family happy!


One last tip is to always leave suggestions or recommendations in the apartment for possible itineraries, tourist attractions, recommended restaurants, parks and places suitable for the entertainment of children and much more.


These are a few tips to make the home family-friendly for an unforgettable stay!


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