Rent your second home in 5 easy steps

November, 10 2021 ( Updated February, 04 2022)

When you rent out your property as a vacation home you not only earn a regular income but also keep it well-maintained for long-term capital gains. However, we do understand that several things may be on your mind when you think about renting your precious second home. 

Well, in that case, let us show you how you can achieve total peace of mind and start renting out your second home by using the services of property rental specialists such as ours.

So, read on and find out how to rent your second home in 5 easy steps

1. Reach out to get started

You can visit our website to know more about how a second home can work for you and the range of services we provide to our homeowners. 

From the website, you can also book an appointment by registering for free and our team will help you take things forward! 

You can also reach out to us through our social media. Sneak a peek at our Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and DM us. We promise to get back to you. 

There are many ways to reach out to us, so feel free to choose the one that’s most convenient for you!

2. Fix an appointment for a direct visit

A direct visit by our local property managers or recruiters is key to sealing the deal since our holiday rental specialists are the first contact between the owner and the company. 

Once you have reached out to a property manager or recruiter, you can make an appointment with them for a visit to your property. After the appointment is confirmed, they make a visit to your house with you to inspect and start suggesting future possibilities for making your home one of the best vacation rentals in the area.

Quick Tip: If you are interested in making your home welcoming to families, do not forget to check out our earlier blog on family-friendly holiday homes!

3. Finalise the prices and the booking calendar

So, after the visit by our holiday rental specialist is done, you together finalise the right rental price of the home, which later also has the possibility of increasing!

All along, your second home should provide you with two things when you rent it out: availability when you want to relax with family and friends and a good rental income.

Therefore with the company’s live and updated booking calendar feature, you can always book periods to spend leisurely days at your second home whenever you want. All you need to do is book it on time.

4. Get your property listed

The next step is to get your property listed to start earning that extra income from your second home. With our services, you can list your property on 3000 international websites with virtually no start-up cost. Our company takes care of all your initial marketing setup and charges you a marketing fee only after successfully booking your vacation home for more than an 8-week period!

So, sit back and relax as we bring out the best of your holiday home through our professional photographers and copywriters for property listings.

Quick tip: Make your second home welcoming to the guests’ furry friends as pet-friendly holiday homes have a higher rate of getting a booking. 
5. Final checks and activation for booking!

Professional photographs have been taken, prices are decided, the calendar has been updated and a professional description is ready. After this point, final checks from our expert team are made to list your property on online travel portals and international websites to make it booking ready. 

Therefore, our last step is to make sure that your property has been uploaded with the correct amenities and other details. Once that is done, you can start enjoying the benefits of renting out your second home and bringing smiles to vacationers.

Spending holidays with loved ones, staycations over the weekend, and even working remotely, there are a million reasons why vacationers would want to book your house. 
So, wait no more, get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help you start reaping the benefits of renting out your second home.


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